The studio, at 264 cubic meters, is the largest purpose-built ADR / Foley stage in Sydney and is recognised as one of the best in Australia and overseas. Due to the size and acoustic treatment, realistic exterior sound is achievable in a dead quiet environment. It is a fully floating room with in-floor Foley pits that are concealed during ADR. Large double doors at the screen end of the studio give access from the car park for larger props such as cars and boats. Directly outside the studio is a leafy courtyard to relax in between sessions.

Recording via a TL Audio M3 valve console at the front end of a Pro Tools HD system achieves a warm, clean transition to the digital environment. Picture is projected to a 150" screen by an overhead Barco projector. WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution. The studio is also equipped with JBL 5.1 monitoring.

FTP Internet access is available for fast delivery of recorded sessions.

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