Martin Oswin


  • 2011
  • Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole
  • M.P.S.E. - Golden Reel Nomination
  • IF Awards - Best Sound Award
  • A.S.S.G. - Film Sound Design Award
  • A.A.C.T.A. - Best Sound Nomination
  • The Hunter
  • A.A.C.T.A. - Best Sound Nomination
  • Mad Barstards
  • A.A.C.T.A. - Best Sound Nomination
  • 2009
  • Australia
  • M.P.S.E. - Golden Reel Nomination
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Nomination
  • 2008
  • Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Nomination
  • The Tender Hook
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Nomination
  • 2006
  • Suburban Mayhem
  • A.S.S.G. - Film Sound Design Award
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Nomination
  • 2004
  • The Lord Of The Rings - The Return of the King
  • M.P.S.E. - Golden Reel Nomination
  • 2002
  • The Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers
  • M.P.S.E. - Golden Reel Nomination
  • 2001
  • The Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship Of The Ring
  • M.P.S.E. - Golden Reel Nomination
  • 1999
  • The Truman Show
  • M.P.S.E. - Golden Reel Nomination
  • 1998
  • Oscar & Lucinda
  • M.P.S.E. - Golden Reel Nomination
  • A.S.S.G. - Best Mixing Award
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Award
  • 1997
  • Kiss or Kill
  • Montreal World Film Festival - Best Artistic Contribution in Cinema for Sound
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Award
  • At Sea (Non -feature)
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Award
  • 1994
  • Rapa-Nui
  • M.P.S.E. - Golden Reel Nomination
  • 1993
  • The Piano
  • M.P.S.E. - Golden Reel Award
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Award
  • Alex
  • N.Z. Film & Television - Best Sound Nomination
  • 1992
  • Mr. Baseball
  • M.P.S.E. - Golden Reel Nomination
  • 1990
  • Quigly Down Under
  • M.P.S.E. - Golden Reel Award
  • 1988
  • Evil Angels
  • M.P.S.E. - Golden Reel Nomination
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Nomination
  • Dangerous Game
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Nomination
  • 1987
  • Palisade (Non-feature)
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Nomination
  • High Tide
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Nomination
  • Echoes In Paradise
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Nomination
  • Belinda
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Nomination
  • 1985
  • The Coca-Cola Kid
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Nomination
  • 1984
  • Strikebound
  • A.F.I. - Best Sound Nomination

Redline Credits

Year Title Genre Work Production
2012 Aim High in Creation Documentary ADR AUS
Top of the Lake T.V. Series ADR AUS/UK
And Out, Into the Bright Blue Sky Short film Foley USA
House Husbands T.V. Series Foley AUS
The Hobbit Feature ADR NZ/USA
Storm Surfers Documentary ADR/VO AUS
Satellite Boy Feature Foley AUS
Hanyut/Almayer's Folly Feature Foley/ADR Malaysia
Jack Irish: Black Tide Tele Movie Foley/ADR AUS
Jack Irish: Bad Debts Tele Movie ADR AUS
True Gods Short film Foley AUS
My Mind's Own Melody Short film ADR AUS
2011 Chained Feature ADR USA
Goddess Feature ADR AUS
Killer Elite Feature Foley AUS/USA
Redd Inc Feature Foley/ADR AUS
A Few Best Men Feature Foley AUS
The Bunker Short Film ADR AUS
The Hunter Feature Foley AUS
Golem Short Film Foley USA
Crave Feature ADR USA
2010 Hanna Feature ADR AUS/UK
Cloudstreet Mini-Series ADR AUS
Sleeping Beauty Feature Foley/ADR AUS
Legend of the Guardians:
The Owls of Ga'Hoole
Mad Barstards Feature Foley AUS
Another Year Feature Foley UK
2009 Hawke Tele Movie ADR AUS
Uninhabited Feature ADR AUS
The Way Back Feature Foley/ADR USA
Bena Feature ADR ISRAEL
Marine 2 Feature ADR USA
Lebs, Lies & Video Feature Foley AUS
Dream the Life Short Film ADR AUS
Triangle Feature ADR UK
Malice in Wonderland Feature Foley UK
2008 Australia Feature Foley AUS
Two Fists One Heart Feature ADR AUS
Daybreakers Feature ADR AUS
Miracle on Everest Documentary Foley AUS
2007 Happy Feet Feature Foley / Dialogue AUS/US
Happy-Go-Lucky Feature Foley UK
Acolytes Feature Foley / ADR AUS
The Tender Hook Feature Foley AUS
1612 Feature Foley RUS
Monkey Puzzle Feature Foley AUS
Son of a Lion Feature Foley AUS
Fibros and Silvertails Documentary Foley AUS
September Feature ADR AUS
Hey Hey it's Esther Blueburger Feature Foley AUS
Ten Empty Feature Foley AUS
The Final Winter Feature ADR AUS
The Choir Documentary Foley AUS
The Shape of Water Short Film Complete Post AUS
2006 Murder in the Outback Tele Movie Foley AUS
Fortune Feature Complete Post AUS
Golden Sandals Documentary Complete Post AUS
Razzle Dazzle Feature ADR AUS
Ravenswood Feature Foley AUS
A Monkeys Tale Documentary Foley AUS
Two Twisted T.V. Series Foley AUS
Suburban Mayhem Feature Foley AUS
2005 Girl in a Mirror Documentary Complete Post AUS
2004 Thunderbirds Feature Foley UK
Lord of the Rings
"The Return of the King"
Feature Foley / ADR NZ/US
Deck Dogz Feature ADR AUS
2003 Jessica T.V. Mini-Series Complete Post AUS
George of the Jungle 2 Feature ADR US
Farscape T.V. Series ADR AUS/US
Danny Deckchair Feature ADR AUS
The Strip T.V. Series Foley NZ
Street Legal T.V. Series Foley NZ
Counterstrike Tele Movie Foley NZ
2002 Lord of the Rings
"The Two Towers"
Feature Foley / ADR NZ/US
The Crocodile Hunter
"Collision Course"
Feature Complete Post AUS/US
Swept Away Feature Foley UK
The Nugget Feature ADR AUS
2001 The Lost World T.V. Series ADR US
Heroes' Mountain Tele Movie Complete Post AUS
Lord of the Rings
"The Fellowship of the Ring"
Feature Foley NZ/US
Charlotte Grey Feature ADR UK/AUS/GER
Queen of the Dammed Feature ADR US
The Bank Feature ADR AUS

Martin Oswin Credits


Year Title Director Production
2006 Fortune Peter Scarf USA
2003 In The Cut Jane Campion USA
2002 Collision Course John Stainton AUS
2001 Lantana Ray Lawrence AUS
1999 Mr Accident Yahoo Serious AUS/UK
1998 Kick Lynda Heys AUS
  An Affair E J-Yong KOREA
1997 The Truman Show Peter Weir USA
  The Sugar Factory Robert Carter AUS
  Oscar & Lucinda Gillian Armstrong AUS
  Kiss or Kill Bill Bennett AUS
  Joey Ian Barry AUS
  Blackrock Steve Vidler AUS
1996 Portrait of a Lady Jane Campion AUS/USA
  Under the Lighthouse Dancing Graham Ratigan AUS
  Shake & Bake Edward Yang TAIWAN
1995 Dad & Dave "On Our Selection" George Whaley AUS
  Lillians' Story Jerzy Domaraski AUS
1994 Little Women Gillian Armstrong USA
  Spider & Rose Bill Bennett AUS
  Rough Diamond Donald Crombi AUS
  Tunnel Vision Clive Fluerey AUS
  I.Q. Fred Schepsi USA
  A Confucian Confusion Edward Yang TAIWAN
1993 The Seventh Floor Ian Barry AUS/UK
  Rapa-Nui Kevin Reynolds USA
  Six Degrees Of Separation Fred Schepsi USA
1992 Crime Broker Ian Barry AUS/UK
  The Piano Jane Campion AUS
  The Nostradamus Kid Bob Ellis AUS
  Mr. Baseball Fred Schepsi USA
  Redheads Danny Vandramini AUS
  Map Of The Human Heart Vincent Ward AUS/UK/US
  Alex Megan Simpson AUS/NZ
  Exchange Lifeguard Maurice Murphy AUS
1991 Over The Hill Robert Caswell AUS
  Garbo Ron Cob AUS
  The Crossing George Ogilvie AUS
  Ultra Man 1 Alien Invasion Andrew Prowse AUS/JAP
  Ultra Man 2 Battle For Earth Andrew Prowse AUS/JAP
  Deadly Esbon Storm AUS
  Backsliding Simon Target AUS
1990 The Russia House Fred Schepsi USA
  Quigley Down Under Simon Wincer USA
1989 The Delinquents Chris Thompson AUS
  All Down The Line Paul Witzig AUS
1988 Dangerous Game Steve Hopkins AUS
  Luigis Ladies Judy Morris AUS
  Kokoda Crescent Ted Robertson AUS
  Evil Angels (A Cry In The Dark) Fred Schepsi AUS
1987 Pandemonium Haydn Keenan AUS
  The Everlasting Secret Family Michael Thornhill AUS
1986 High Tide Gillian Armstrong AUS
  Departure Brian Cavinar AUS
  Belinda Pamela Gibbons AUS
  The Howling III Phillip Moira AUS/USA
  Echoes In Paradise Phillip Noyce AUS
  Footrot Flats the Movie Murray Ball NZ
  Young Einstein Yahoo Serious AUS/USA
1985 Dot And The Bunyip Yoram Gross AUS
  The Quiet Earth Geoff Murphy NZ
  Dead End Drive-In Brian T.Smith AUS
1984 Strikebound Richard Lowenstien AUS
  The Coca-Cola Kid Duchan Macaviav AUS
  U T U Geoff Murphy NZ
1983 The Winds Of Jarrah Mark Edgerton AUS

Martin Oswin Credits


Year Title Director Format
2007 The Shape of Water Cordelia Beresford Stereo Short Film
2006 Golden Sandals Haydn Keenan Stereo Documentary
2005 Mary Bryant Peter Andrikidis Dolby Surround Mini Series
  Girl in a Mirrors Kathy Drayton Stereo Documentary
2004 Through My Eyes Di Drew Stereo Mini Series
2003 Jessica Peter Andrikidis Dolby Surround Mini Series
2001 Heroes' Mountain Peter Andrikidis Dolby Surround Telemovie
2000 Street Legal Eps. 1 > 4 (NZ) Chris Bailey Stereo Series
  The Love Of Lionels' Life John Ruane Stereo Telemovie
  Hicks & Hillbillies   Stereo Documentary
  My Husband My Killer Peter Andrikidis Stereo Telemovie
  Finding Hope Geoffrey Nottage Stereo Telemovie
1999 The Potato Factory Robert Marchand Dolby Surround Mini Series
1998; Hephzibah Curtis Levy Stereo Documentary
  House Gang Eps. 1 > 6 Phillip Gordon Stereo Series
  Aftershocks Geoff Burton Stereo Telemovie
1997 Murder Call Eps. 1 > 7   Stereo Series
1996 Parklands Kathryn Millard Stereo Telemovie
  Water Rats Eps.10 > 14   Stereo Series
1995 Hell Bento   Stereo Documentary
  Celluloid Heroes   Stereo Documentary
  Rough Riders   Stereo Documentary
  Populate or Perish   Stereo Documentary
  Nearly Normal Ninbin   Stereo Documentary
1994 Cody 1, 2 & 3 Andrew Prowse Stereo Telemovies
1993 Nazi Supergrass   Stereo Documentary
  Quest For Life   Stereo Documentary
  Midwives, Lullabies & Mother Earth   Stereo Documentary
  Family Spirit   Stereo 30min Drama
  Grandmas Teeth   Stereo 30min Drama
1992 Mission Top Secret Howard Rubie Stereo Series
  Who Killed Malcom Smith   Stereo Documentary
  Big Ideas Mike Smith Stereo Mini-Series
1990 Red Express Hugh Piper Stereo Docu-Series
  Mr Edmond (Winners Series) George Whaley Mono Telemovie
  Giants of Time   Mono Documentary
1988 Slow Boat To Surabaya   Mono Docu-Series
  The Heroes Donald Crombie Stereo Mini-Series
1987 Peter and Pompey Michael Carson Mono Telemovie
  Princess Kate George Ogilvie Mono Telemovie
  Take Over   Mono Telemovie
1986 Gallaghers' Travels Michael Caulfield Stereo Telemovie
  Army Wives Denny Lawrence Stereo Telemovie
1985 Cyclone Tracy Donald Crombie Stereo Mini-Series
  Return to Eden   Mono Series
  Stock Squad Howard Rubie Mono Telemovie
  Colour in the Creek   Stereo Series
  The Last Bastion Chris Thomso Mono Mini-Series
  On Loan   Mono Telemovie